Top 50 Pest Control & Bug Blogs

Top Bug Blogs AwardCongratulations to the following websites/blogs or author columns that were chosen for our “Top 50 Pest Control & Bug Blogs” Award! These sites were shown to have valuable, fresh and frequently updated content that is helpful in both entomology and the pest control industry.

You’re sure to find valuable information that is educational and useful in understanding insects from around the world and how to deal with most pest control problems on these sites.

All winners can access their free award logo badge for use across their web properties here.

tc-logoThermal Clean

Thermal Clean operates out of Denver, Colorado. Our sole business focus is thermal remediation of bed bugs. Our blog, while still commercial in nature, offers a great deal of content related to bed bugs, bed bug prevention, DIY bed bug treatment and tips for keeping the home free of bed bugs. We believe in operating as a green company and our practices and writing reflect these values.

Bulwark Pest Control Community Blog

The pest experts at Bulwark Exterminating, an industry leader in providing high quality pest control service, offer insights on common pests like ants, roaches, crickets, scorpions and spiders on a Community Blog. Bulwark is fully operational in ten states, including fourteen major cities. Be apart of the Bulwark Pest Control community, and gain interesting and informative insights on all things pest related by following along.

bug_girl_by_skepchickjill Bug Girl’s Blog (Charismatic Minifauna)

This blogger has a PhD in entomology (insect study) and is not afraid to share her fascination through the blog. Another standout feature of the blog is her knowledge of how to control insect populations without the use of pesticides. Top posts include “How to Inspect Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs” and “Ask an Entomologist.”

myrmecos MYRMECOS

Visit here for a blog by Illinois-based biologist and photographer Alex Wild. The blog’s name is derived from the Greek work for ant and contains Adam’s musings on the little creatures that share our planet. The galleries are a must see given Alex’s love of both insects and his talent with a camera.

6legs 6legs2many

This blog is named after a quote from Joseph Krutch on the human standpoint on insects. Alison also fills her blog with other discoveries on insects and closer looks at them. Everything from ants to wolf spiders are featured.

Insects in the City

Mike Merchant has served as entomology specialist for Texas AgriLife Extension since 1989. His areas of specialty involve research on the insects that effect people including spiders, scorpions, fire ants, termites, and others. Get pest control from an academic point of view by stopping at his blog.

butterflycircle Butterflies of Singapore

Because some bugs can be downright beautiful, there is this blog. Get a look at “nature’s flying jewels” without ever leaving your home. With entries dating back to 2007, there are loads of butterflies to see.

Living With Insects Blog

Jonathan Neal also has a PhD in entomology and teaches at Purdue University. His blog is devoted to the intersection of people and insects. Subjects such as fire ants, bees, and many more are often discussed.

Aegelia peteliiBeetles In The Bush

Ted C. MacRae is a research entomologist by vocation and beetle taxonomist by avocation. With entries on loads of common and uncommon household pests, his focus is of course the beetle. However, you can also find entries on items such as spiders, reptiles, and most recently, Bichos Argentinos.

Urban Dragon Hunters

These bloggers standout for targeting their insect research and blog towards the largely ignored urban areas. Located in Wayne County, Michigan, they have recorded 50 new species of odonata, or dragonflies. Stop by to see which and learn more about them.

ucanr Bug Squad

Bug Squad is the blog of Kathy Keatley Garvey, Communications Specialist, UC Davis Department of Entomology and Nematology. This blog, launched in 2008, is part of the University of California’s Agricultural and Natural Resources website. Check for the latest research and other information.

What’s That Bug?

Also known as The Bugman, Daniel Marlos is the author of “The Curious World of Bugs.” With a healthy pest-free garden in Los Angeles, he is free to explore his love of bugs, as well as share useful pest control tips. Be sure not to miss specialty posts on just about every insect in the U.S.

basf BASF Pest Talk

This site does not represent a single company, rather, it is an interactive community that pest control and management professionals from all around the country and join and participate in regularly. It’s a great place to read about the latest new related to the industry and the best and newest technologies and innovations related to the pest control industry.

arrowLife in the Rat’s Hole

Life in the Rat’s Hole provides helpful pest control information on their blog for everyday situations. They serve the greater Tampa Bay area in Florida and have made a name for themselves in the pest management industry. Check out their blog for more helpful tips and information.

bugsHulett Environmental Services

Hulett Environmental Services provides valuable pest control and prevention info on their company blog. They have many helpful articles on bed bug prevention and information that is helpful for parents as well if you have kids in the home. They also provide services such as cryonite treatment and other eco-friendly options.

bbusaBugbuster USA

Bugbuster USA primarily serves regions in the Southeast in Georgia & Tennessee. They have numerous positive reviews from customers and write about helpful topics on their blog such as various insect populations, bed bug prevention tips and general pest control prevention methods. Check out more on their blog.

azAZ Pest

AZ Pest is located in Arizona and provides valuable insights on their blog about pest information, prevention and helpful tips for homeowners. They have been in business since 1947 serving Tucson and have tons of positive review from their customers.

nwNorthwest Exterminating

Northwest Exterminating serves the greater Tucson, AZ area and has a very helpful blog that highlights various pests and pest problems with proper solutions for homeowners. They have been in business for more than 20 years and their blog is very educational.

fischerFischer Environmental

Fischer Environmental has been in business for over 50 years with a variety of pest services for home and business. They stress a “pest-free environment without continual reliance on pesticides” and have a very informative blog section on their site with useful information.

arrowArrow Exterminators Blog

Arrow Exterminators works in many states all around the southern part of the country. The company specializes in common household pests such as cockroaches, termites and fire ants. The blog content is very informative and definitely geared towards the layman that doesn’t know much about pest prevention but would like to learn something about it from an easy to read source.

trulynolen Truly Nolen Blog

Based in Phoenix, these pest control experts have locations across the nation. They are a must visit for advice such as a seasonal pest guide and how to think like a bug. The blog is full of everything from lawn care advice to sending in your own pest questions.

clark Clark Pest Control’s Blog

Clark Pest Control serves the area of Reno, Nevada and some sections of the state of California. The company blog is very informative and tends to focus on bug and pest problems that are most commonly associated with the climates that are found in the Nevada area.

blogpestcontrol Blog Pest Control

Pest control jargon and terms are just one of the reasons to check out this blog. They also offer specialty sections such as all natural pest control and scorpion control. Posts such as why to use baits instead of sprays and what to look for in a pest control technician are also standout features.

problogProBest’s Blog – Pest Control

This blog stands out for often including videos and photography of pest control issues. Located in Arizona, the blog also offers useful information such as how home owners can practice DIY pest control.

western Western Pest

Don’t let the name fool you, Western Pest actually serves the East coast. It works in many states on the coast, including New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. The company has been in business since 1928. The blog looks very professional from the layout and design all the way to the written content. It gives great tips that non-experts can use when determining what type of pest control issues they are battling with in everyday life.

atlanta Northwest Exterminating

Northwest Exterminating has been serving the Georgia and Tennessee area since the 1950s. The blog focuses on many different aspects of pest control, including termites, bed bugs, rodents, but also wildlife related problems that are common for the area, as well as lawn care and home insulation issues. It is filled with informative and knowledgeable content.

ehs EHS Pest Control Blog

EHS Pest has been working in the Massachusetts area since 1985 and is one of the most respected pest control companies in the area, known for its innovating pest control concepts with low impact pesticides and prevention products. Most of the content is geared towards the local community and offers tips on pest prevention for problems that are most commonly encountered in the greater Cambridge area.

mchale JP McHale Pest Management Inc

The pest control experts at JP McHale Pest Management Inc. are located in New York, but you don’t have to live there to take advantage of their blog. Categories include every pest from bed bugs to wasps. Popular posts are on bed warming services and best repellents.

alpha Alpha Ecological Pest Control

Alpha Ecological works out of Arizona and it is a pest control company that is very concerned with the environmental aspect of the job. The blog reflects these interests and often talks about the best non-toxic products that should be used in pest prevention and about the ecological and environmental aspects of pest extermination and prevention.

Bio Tech Pest Control

This Texas company is very well known in the state for its pest control services. The blog does have good and informative content about pest prevention on many occasions, but it also has a lot of content that is directly related to corporate achievement and plans of the company, which might not be that interesting or informative to people looking for pest control tips and tricks.

Pest Control Information and Facts

Get information about roaches, bed bugs, ants, bees, wasps, mice & rats, and creatures of all kinds with a visit here. Billy Mac includes topics such as bed bugs, bees, mice, and others. One of the most recent was a guide to see if you have termites.

vulcan Vulcan Termite & Pest Control

Vulcan Termite and Pest Control has been working in Alabama since 1965 and is a well-respected pest control company. The blog is well-written and has a lot of good content related to identifying termite problems and tips for keeping all types of insects and rodents out of your home. The content is easy to read and often very informative, especially when talking about termite prevention issues.

Pest Cemetery

Also known as The Bug Doctor, Jerry Schappert is a certified pest control operator and A.C.E. (associated certified entomologist) with over two and a half decades of experience from birds to termites and everything in between. With a pest control operation in Florida, his goal is to safely guide others through their pest control needs.

sprague Sprague Pest

This company serves the area of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. Sprague Pest Solutions is a respected pest control company and the blog is very well written and detailed. It covers basic pest control related issues, such as how to deal with mice, cockroaches and bed bugs.

action Action Pest Control

Action Pest Control has been working in the greater Indiana area in the extermination business since 1946. It is a very expansive company that serves both residential and commercial pest control customers in Indiana and Kentucky. The tips provided on the site are very informative and provide basic information that might interest locals when it comes to keeping their homes free of bugs, mice, rodents and other types of pests most commonly found in the area.

standard Standard Pest

Standard Exterminating has been working out of Queens, New York since 1929 and providing pest control in Queens and other parts of NYC including Brooklyn & Manhattan. It is a family owned business that is currently being operated by the fourth generation of pest control experts. The blog often provides basic “how-to” tips that can help people to protect their homes from pests. It is easy to read and provides a lot of useful information that can come in handy to people with pest problems.

modern2 Modern Pest Control Services – Blog

Modern Pest works in the area of Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. The company specializes in getting rid of carpenter ants and termites. The blog also talks about these types of pests most of the time, though it does provide a lot of other useful information about the best pesticides to use for safety purposes and how to identify what type of pests you may have in your home.

american American Pest Blog

American Pest serves the Maryland and Virginia area, or the greater metropolitan area of Washington D.C. Since the company specializes in getting rid of bugs and insects, that is what the blog focuses on most of the time as well. Most of the content is related to identifying the bugs that are invading your home and there are also useful tips for trying to keep them out yourself.

triangle Triangle Pest

Triangle Pest is a company that works in North Carolina and mostly serves residential areas around and near Charlotte. The blog tends to focus on the types of pest problems that are most common locally in the Charlotte area, which tends to be insects and rodents. The blog posts are well developed and definitely relatable and informative for locals who read the blog regularly.

The Backyard Arthropod Project

Those living in upper Michigan will especially appreciate this blog. The blogger began it as a way to document every bug found on the nine acre property in the area. The latest in the line of findings is spider wasps.

spectrum-pest-logo Spectrum Pest Control Blog

Spectrum Pest Control Incorporated is a company that works in the Western Pennsylvania area and is often praised for being able to work according to the budget of every household in question. The blog content is very diverse. Sometimes the blog provides tips on how to keep pests away, other times it can discuss the effects of various pesticides and delve into these types of topics. Overall, it is very informative.

blue-sky Blue Sky Pest Control Blog

Blue Sky Pest is based in Phoenix and has been serving the area since 2003. The blog posts that are featured on this site are very detailed and well-written. The content mostly focuses on pest problems that are most common in the local area of Phoenix. Many of the blog posts help locals know what types of bugs to look out for in their area and how to avoid infestation.

rose-facebook-profile-pic_normal Rose Pest

Rose Pest Solutions is a very trusted and long standing service that has been in the extermination and pest control business since 1860. The company serves the Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Northern Kentucky and Western Pennsylvania area. The blog is easy to read and many of the blog posts are related to everyday pest control tips and how to avoid pest infestation. The layout of the blog is basic, but the content is very informative.

Wild About Ants

Although the blogger definitely is, you don’t have to be wild about ants to appreciate this blog. In addition to answering ant questions, you can also get their benefits from a read of the blog. There is also an Ant of the Week with more.

mccall McCall Pest

McCall is a leading pest control provider in the Northern Florida area that has been serving the region since the 1920s. The company specializes in bug treatments to get rid of termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes and similar bugs, which is why the blog most often focuses on these types of pest control problems. However, other pest control related topics are often covered as well.

bigbluebug Big Blue Bug

Big Blue Bug is a company that was served the New England area for over 75 years and handles jobs of all size, from residential to commercial. The blog provides a lot of easy to read content that is well suited for the layman looking for tips related to everyday pest control issues. A lot of the content is local and related to the most common pest control issues of the region.

debug Debug Pest Control Blog

This is a relatively young pest control company that has been on the scene for about 20 years in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut area. The blog has a lot of useful information and puts a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly approaches to pest control. The content is often fun and very easy to read and understand.

schendel Schendel Pest

Schendel Pest Services have been working in the Topeka, Kansas area and throughout several other regional states of the Midwest. It was rated in 2012 in the top half of PCT Magazine’s top 100 pest management companies list. The blog covers a wide variety of topics that are useful for everyday knowledge on how to prevent pest infestations from rodents and wild animals to insects and everything in between.

Wil-Kil_Truck_Door_normal Wil-Kil

Wil-Kil is a Wisconsin-based pest control company that is very well-respected in the region. The blog offers great tips that are easy to follow. They usually follow a list format, which makes them entertaining to read. There are lots of good seasonal tips on how to keep pests out of your home found on the blog.

sterns Stern’s Chatter

Stern works in the greater NYC tri-state area, offering its pest control services in Manhattan New York and New Jersey residents and companies. The company specializes in bed bug issues, rat and mouse control, bee control and hive removal, among other things. The blog reflects these specialties and tends to focus on these pest control problems, which are most prominent in the great New York metropolitan area.

slugabug Slug a Bug Pest Control Services

Located in Brevard County, Florida, Slug-A-Bug is one of the most sought-after pest control companies in the state. The blog reflects the specialties of the company, focusing mainly on bug-related issues. Just like the name of the company, the tone of the writing on the blog is very laid back and easy to read for regular people who are seeking information on ridding their homes of bugs.

enviro EnviroPest

This Colorado pest control leader has been in the business since 1965 and is one of the most trusted pest control services in the area. The blog posts are very well written and easy to understand. They cover a wide range of issues and tend to deal with the pest control issues that are most commonly encountered in the Colorado area, such as termites, cockroaches and mice.

tiger Tiger Termite & Pest Control Services

Serving Orange County, California, Tiger Termite has been around since 1997. As one can tell by the name, the company specializes in freeing homes of termite issues. Likewise, the blog posts focus most commonly on termite issues, but also deal often with other types of pest, especially bugs such as cockroaches, bed bugs and carpenter ants.

Dayton’s Pest Control

Dayton’s Pest Control is a leading pest control service provider in the Knoxville area. This family-owned business has been serving the local community since 1985. The content of the blog is often local, focusing on pest control worries that are most common in the Knoxville area. The blog usually doesn’t offer do-it-yourself solution, but rather explains why certain types of pest infestations need to be handled exclusively by professionals.

assured Assured Environments

Assured Environments offers pest control in the New York area. It is lead by Daniel Klein, whose father was an exterminator who worked locally since the 1930s. One nice thing about the blog content is that it offers a good amount of videos, which are often more interesting to watch and give you a break from all of the text found on other pest control related blogs. It focuses on big city pest control issues, namely rats, mice and all types of insects.

heron Heron Lawn & Pest Control

Heron is a pest control that works in Florida and focuses a great deal on lawn care. Since the business puts a strong emphasis and giving its customers beautiful lawns, the blog content reflects this. A lot of the content is dedicated to lawn care, and it’s not always just about pest-related issues.

modern Modern Pest

Modern Pest Control operates in Texas and was founded in 1952. The company name mirrors its practices, meaning that the company is always looking for the latest and most potent technologies and processes in pest control. The information on pest control related issues is very informative.

invader Invader Pest Management

Invader Pest Management serves the greater Phoenix area and has been on the job since 1994. The blog has a lot of good content. It often focuses on why it’s a good idea to call in professionals to take care of your pest-related problems and it gives tips on why local pest management crews are often better than large, corporate ones. The blog also gives tips on how to deal with minor pest infestations on your own.

PrintNature’s Way Pest Control


Nature’s Way Pest Control serves Upstate New York & Vermont with a “Green Approach” as part of their philosophy. They cover a myriad of pest control related topics and many helpful tips for just about any pest problem. They also use an EcoSMART’s technology in their work to provide effective treatment that is safe for people and the environment.

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